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Our seminar (17.5.2023) entitled “Critical Raw Materials (CRM) in a Circular Economy” with Fulbright-Hanken Distinguished Chair, Professor Lisa Ellram, was successful. There was active discussion on challenges to increase the circularity of critical raw materials from the supply chain perspective.

Lisa Ellram
Lisa Ellram, Miami University

The seminar started with a short introduction to the Urban Symbiosis project by (Katri Valkokari, VTT).  Then, our keynote speaker talk over the Supply Chain Challenges for Circular Economy (Lisa Ellram, Miami University).

The mismatches between EU’s current CRM policy objectives and existing legislation were discussed by (Topi Turunen, Syke). Public procurement as a tool towards circular economy and a case study with City of Pori was discoursed by (Juha Oksanen, VTT).

Topi Turunen, Syke
Topi Turunen, Syke

Findings from one of the case studies of UrbanSymbiosis project was introduced by (Bruno Oliveira, Hanken), who conversed Tensions in Circularity within the e-bike supply chain in Finland. Anna Aminoff (Hanken) and Katri Valkokari concluded the seminar. Their final comments summarized that, although the importance of CRMs is recognised, this far, they are not considered systematically, or, at system-level. In summary, Anna and Katri also highlighted that further research on ecosystem actors (roles, responsibilities, relationships and flows of resources) is required. Therefore, international case studies and benchmarks are considered and future-oriented research methods explored​.

Seminar overview